Thanksgiving Day 2017

The Staffing-the-Universe family of Companies wants to say THANK YOU!

We could not do all of the great things we do without the support from all of our employees, internal and in the field.  Each of our employees is an outstanding representation of our company and everything that we believe, and we are able to bring this mentality to all of our client sites across the country.  Of course, we also want to say thanks to the families and loved ones of all of our employees who support our vision for a better universe.

Our vision here at Staffing-The-Universe is to empower individuals and enhance value in our universe. We care about our people and aim to provide them with best in class service while creating employment opportunities so that they are able to better their lives, and their own personal universe.491acbd1df20c31fd4669552c97f71a5--funny-turkey-turkey-cartoon

According to a new report from the American Farm Bureau Foundation, the price of Thanksgiving dinner this year will be lower than it has been in the past years, but still not everyone can afford to have a Thanksgiving feast.  The report states that a turkey and all of its fixings for a group of 10 people will cost approximately $49.12.  Given these real costs, and our initiatives to bring value to the people within our universe, STU has donated ButterBall Turkey vouchers to people within our community. 

Hopefully, with this assistance, and the employment and income streams we provide people everyday,  Thanksgiving will be a little easier for families in our universe to afford and therefore celebrate and enjoy the holiday with their loved ones. To learn more about the cost of Thanksgiving this year,click here.


Again, we want to make sure that the team at Staffing-The-Universe, takes the time to thank our wonderful employees of our company in the field, as well as our enthusiastic, dedicated, and hard-working employees internally. From our family to yours, we wish you all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving, filled with good food and great times with your loved ones.

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