As a valued employee of MEDICAL Staffing Services, Inc., you are eligible to participate in the Medical 401(k) Plan. This will allow you to invest money on a pre-tax basis and have it grow tax deferred until retirement. MEDICAL will pay the full administrative cost of the plan. Every dollar you put into the plan will go into your account.

You may start participating 30 days after the start of your assignment. If you have money in a previous 401(k) plan, you will be able to immediately roll that money into this plan. You can defer from 2% to 15% of your income earned with MEDICAL up to an IRS mandated maximum of $18,000 in 2016.

You will decide how your money will be invested. You will be able to choose among any, or all, of the following funds:

  • EuroPacific Growth
  • Oppenheimer Global Securities
  • Franklin Balance Sheet
  • VP Index Plus MidCap
  • American Century Ultra
  • Baron Growth
  • T. Rowe Price Mid Cap Value
  • MFS Capital Opportunities
  • Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation
  • AllianceBernstein Growth and Income
  • VP Index Plus LargeCap

  • Lord Abbett Affiliated
  • American Balanced
  • Solution Income Portfolio
  • Solution 2015 Portfolio
  • Solution 2025 Portfolio
  • Solution 2035 Portfolio
  • Solution 2045 Portfolio
  • VP Intermediate Bond
  • Fixed Account
  • VP Money Market

 If you are interested, you can receive a more detailed description of the plan, a kit describing the funds in detail, investment results for the funds, an enrollment form and details on how to enroll. To obtain this package, please contact Payroll.Questions@medstaffservices.com at MEDICAL and an enrollment kit will be mailed to you, or contact our VOYA Representative, Karl Nelson at (201) 930-9449 or karl@nelsonretirementsolutions.com  to discuss the options available to you.